Origins of Knowledge

How do we know what is true? For many victims of psychological abuse, it's difficult to know what to believe.  This course is aimed specifically at those recovering from narcissistic relationships.  We review the four sources of knowledge and learn how a greater awareness of each of them help us gain greater mental clarity.
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Repurposing an Ancient Concept 

Originally titled, "Narcissistic Epistemology," this course was first offered as a YouTube series aimed specifically at those recovering from narcissistic relationships.  The videos have been transferred here in an effort to expand upon this topic.  You will find the original video at the top of each corresponding module, followed by written study guides that expand further upon the video concepts. 

In this course, Jen demonstrates that epistemological questioning can be applied to any pursuit of knowledge, even if it's just a matter of asking oneself, "Who is telling me the truth?" or, "Can I trust my own perception?"  When used in this manner, reality testing can a valuable tool for gaining mental clarity after being emotionally or psychologically abused. 
Patrick Jones - Course author