Introducing the only course on boundaries designed to address codependent people-pleasing behaviors as well as narcissistic entitlement and high expectations.
Course features
Course overview
This course is designed to build strong boundaries in place of weak or nonexistent ones by teaching students how to clearly see boundaries, as opposed to setting them.  
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Students move beyond "head knowledge" towards real life application. Courses are taught using a learning theory known as constructivism, combined with techniques that bypass the intellect and target the emotional mind. 
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Target Audience
This course is intended for anyone who has difficulty either setting or respecting boundaries. 

Get Clear.

Go from Confusion to Clarity with these Course Features:

  • Interactive video lessons that let you learn at your own pace

  • Live Mastery Classes to help you apply course concepts to real life situations

  • Written lessons with built-in personal digital notebook and highlighters

Apply Course Concepts to the Following Skills:

Codependency Skills

  • Say "no" without feeling afraid
  • Decrease sense of obligation
  • Reject false guilt
  • Stop absorbing 
  • Make decisions with confidence

Narcissism Skills

  • Hear "no" without feeling rejected
  • Decrease sense of entitlement 
  • Embrace limits 
  • Stop projecting 
  • Accept outcomes with peace

Course Contents


Celebrating 20 Years! (2003-2023)

After years of struggling with unmet expectations in her interpersonal relationships (including involvement in a religious cult), Jen Guerriero entered therapy in the Spring of 2000. Inspired by her own progress, Jen enrolled in graduate school in the Fall of that same year with the goal of becoming a therapist herself.

In the 20+ years since that time, her boundaries course has been presented to thousands of college students and psychotherapy clients with dramatic results in as little as 3 months. The course has been updated and optimized over the years to help you establish emotional and intellectual freedom quickly and easily.
Patrick Jones - Course author