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A new website is coming soon.

Poisonous People will be back online soon.  Thanks for your patience.

Updated 9-25-2023

Almost Ready!

Here's the status of the three main projects being worked on right now:

1.  Website
: 99% complete.  The website was supposed to launch today (9/25) but there was an unexpected issue which has delayed the project. As soon as it is ready, it will be released, regardless of the status of the other projects.

2.  A Free Course
on the four sources of knowledge: 100% complete!  This course is specifically designed for those who have been in a narcissistic relationship.  When the website launches, this course will be immediately available.

3.  A Paid Course
on Boundaries: 50% complete.  This course is identical to the material offered to my psychotherapy clients over the course of five individual sessions.  The course targets people pleasers but is applicable to those with a sense of entitlement as well.