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Don't Just Protect Yourself from Others.

Protect Others from You.

Have you been set back by any of the following?


  • People pleasing/Caretaking
  • Difficulty saying no
  • Suppressed emotions
  • Lack of assertiveness
  • Fear of upsetting others
  • Chronic feelings of obligation
  • Resentment and false guilt

Self Regulation

  • Perfectionism & Overachievement
  • Discontentment & Dissatisfaction
  • Lack of purpose/identity
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Low Self Esteem/Confidence
  • Emotional Sensitivity

Toxic Relationships

  • Abusive romantic partners
  • Manipulative friends
  • Overbearing or estranged family
  • Workplace bullying
  • Communication problems
  • Poor boundaries
  • Unreasonable expectations

High Control Groups

  • Religious and non-religious cults
  • Legalistic churches
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Groupthink/Hazing
  • Undue Influence and Gaslighting

Feeling Stuck

  • Unfulfilling Job
  • Lack of Higher Education
  • Poor Time Management
  • Low Motivation
  • Procrastination

Somatic Issues

  • Poor Sleep/Low Energy
  • Headaches/Brain Fog
  • Hair loss/Skin Issues
  • Allergies/Sinus Issues
  • Digestive Problems

If so, then you're one of us!

Two Problems. 
One Solution.

Narcissism and Codependency are two sides of the same coin. Free yourself from both, all by changing the way you see — and think about — boundaries.

Release expected by December 31, 2023

The Poisonous People Difference

Practical approach

Lessons based on a mix of learning-based theory and various therapeutic approaches that change the way you think and get you "unstuck."

Lives Changed

Since 2003, thousands of college students and hundreds of psychotherapy clients have implemented these lessons with dramatic results.

Credentialed Instructor

Courses created, designed, and taught by a licensed mental health professional with formal teaching experience at the college level.

Therapist. | Educator. | Former Basket Case. |

Jen Guerriero went from bad to worse. Between the ages of 13 and 19, Jen struggled with thanatophobia and severe Existential OCD. Grappling with what seemed like an absurd and pointless existence, Jen was eventually recruited into a religious cult. It was the worst thing that ever happened to her.

It was also the best thing that ever happened to her.

More Skills. 
Less Jargon.

Becoming healthy requires more than memorizing pop culture jargon.
To improve your relationships, you have to learn — and implement — new skills.